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Sep 14-16

Credit Union


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September 14-16

(Formerly Virginia Credit Union League’s East Coast Marketing Conference)

We're all seeking sustainable growth at our credit unions but staying ahead of the curve and the competition is increasingly difficult. So, we've curated our Growth Conference programming specifically for those focused on the growth and viability of their credit union – whether that role encompasses lending, marketing, business development, member service, revenue generation, community outreach, IT or operations.


You'll hear from keynote speaker and financial services marketing, sales and brand guru Sheri Fitts, who'll show you how to harness the power of emotional connection to build trust-based member relationships and how to make engagements more meaningful for your members and more impactful to your bottom line. Learn more about Sheri here

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Speakers / Facilitators

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Sheri Fitts


Sheri Fitts & CO.


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thumbnail_Amy Wargo pic - Copy.jpg

Amy Wargo


CU Risk Intelligence

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Edgar Hernandez


Multicultural Center of Expertise

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September 14-16

Don’t Miss Out


September 14

5 PM  


Pre-Conference Welcome Reception in the League Suite for anyone arriving Wednesday. Please join us!

September 15

8 AM 


Breakfast with our exhibitors and time to network.

9 AM 


Seizing Opportunities with digitalEQ™

If emotional intelligence is the ability to discern, comprehend and manage our own emotions as well those of others, digitalEQ (digital emotional intelligence) is the ability to evolve and apply EQ through digital channels. This powerful session is designed to help you shift toward more authentic and personalized member engagement. The goal? To foster deeper emotional connections that drive long-term, mutually rewarding commitments and relationships. - Sheri Fitts

11:45 AM 


Lunch with our exhibitors and time to network.

1 PM 

Zest AI

Ai Underwriting

In this current economic climate, it’s vital to explore solutions outside of traditional scoring to meet your credit union’s goals of lending growth. Machine learning enables credit unions of any size to evolve from legacy credit scoring systems to AI-based underwriting, which uses 10x more data and better math to safely say “yes” to more members (with no added risk), increase automation, and safely lend down the credit spectrum.


AI-driven software automates the work of building, validating, and deploying advanced AI lending models, simplifying the adoption process for credit unions – expanding access and fairness across the industry.


In this session, Stephen Morse will address how AI underwriting is catching fire among credit unions for its ability to produce better, faster loan decisions and boost funding rates.

2:15 PM 

Multicultural Center of Expertise

Recovering & Leaping w/ Multicultural Consumers 

The past two years accentuated the racial and socioeconomic disparities that exist in our country, exposing the ugly truth about these historic inequalities. The result is that a growing segment of our nation has fallen behind or worse yet, has never been able to get ahead. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minority communities has devastated them, obliterating their feeble post-Great Recession gains. How do cultural differences impact our business, our credit union partners and society at large? In this session you will learn what CUNA Mutual’s Multicultural Center of Expertise (COE) has discovered in the last three years to better serve our underserved consumers and grow together!

3:15 PM 

CU Risk Intelligence

Covering Your Asterisk* Compliant Marketing

Launching a new product or service?  Creating a new campaign?  Compliance doesn’t have to slow the process down.  This session will cover how working together can shorten a product development cycle by incorporating compliance along the way. You’ll learn what regulations apply to various product and marketing channels,  tips to create effective compliant marketing and resources to streamline the process. - Amy Wargo

4:15 PM 


Vendor Reception

September 16

8 AM 

Breakfast with our exhibitors and time to network.


9 AM 


Your Personal Brand: The Power of Differentiation and Influence

Most professionals are keenly aware of the need for a personal brand. But many neglect this powerful opportunity for differentiation and influence. As a result, they drift along in an unmemorable sea of sameness. To make meaningful connections with clients, colleagues and communities in the digital (and virtual) sphere, visibility and recognition are essential.  Sheri Fitts 

11:30 AM  


Lunch with our exhibitors and time to network.

12:30 PM 

Best Practices Discussion

Best Practices / Key Takeaways

The Growth Conference is guaranteed to provide actionable ideas for spurring growth at your credit union! But we also know that talented, innovative credit union professionals like you are already driving tremendous success in growing loans, boosting membership, expanding community relationships and increasing revenue! Come ready to share your stories! We want to celebrate your success and learn from you and your team!

1:30 PM 

Closing / Prizes

Prizes and Wrap-Up


Get in Touch

We hope you're able to attend. If you have questions about the registration process, our schedule or general information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Virginia Credit Union League 
108 N 8th St.
Richmond, VA 23219


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