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Sheri Fitts

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To survive the disruptive sea change that’s happening across the financial services

industry, you need to uncover and emotionally articulate the life transformations

you deliver each day to your clients. Sheri not only believes that ideas and empathy are an advisor’s true currency — she’s been advocating it for nearly 30 years. An internationally recognized financial services speaker, success coach, social media expert (Deconstructing Digital), and visionary pioneer of digital emotional intelligence (digitalEQ™), she’s helped financial services and fintech firms build brands, deepen client relationships, and drive sales and revenue growth. As the host of Women Rocking Wall Street, Sheri has championed gender-pay equity and the critical need to get more women into the boardroom.

What You'll Learn

Day 1

Seizing Opportunities with digitalEQ™

People are emotional beings and emotions underlie decision-making; it’s a scientific fact.


What client experience has taught us in the past few years? The need to connect emotionally has never been stronger. Behavioral science tells us that humans facing consequential decisions draw primarily on their emotional intelligence (EQ). But how do you make those influential connections in the digital sphere? At the intersection of emotional intelligence and digital influence is digitalEQ™.


If EQ is the ability to discern, comprehend and manage our own emotions as well those of others, digitalEQ (digital emotional intelligence) is the ability to evolve and apply EQ through digital channels. This powerful session is designed to help you shift toward more authentic and personalized client engagement. The goal? To foster deeper emotional connections that drive long-term, mutually rewarding client commitments and relationships.


You’ll learn to:

• Close more business by fusing technology, empathy, marketing strategy and brand equity with emotional intelligence

• Increase your team’s productivity during a time of client transitions by communicating EQ in every interaction

• Empower your team to deepen relationships by leveraging EQ— even in a fast-paced business environment

• Discover how empathy and patience lead to more constructive conversations, making clients happier and relationships potentially more profitable

Day 2

Your Personal Brand: The Power of Differentiation and Influence

Most professionals are keenly aware of the need for a personal brand. But many neglect this powerful opportunity for differentiation and influence. As a result, they drift along in an unmemorable sea of sameness.


To make meaningful connections with clients, colleagues and communities in the digital (and virtual) sphere, visibility and recognition are essential. Your ability to master emotional intelligence, project authenticity and nurture your personal brand are crucial skills for success.


This Day Two session will dive further into the tools and techniques of digitalEQ (digital emotional intelligence) – to harness the unique power of your personal brand and demonstrate why command of your brand is key to unlocking your professional advantage.


You’ll learn:

• Why personal branding is more important than ever in today’s noisy and saturated


• The science of personal branding: Why it works and how to do it right

• Tips for auditing your existing personal brand, the starting point for rebooting and

reimagining your impact

• How to create a unique and powerful personal brand that builds influence and authority

• Essential ways to avoid the smarm factor: The three biggest personal branding mistakes (and how to avoid them)

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